Daily preparation and maintenance overview on your cobas 6000 analyzer series

A daily investment in maintenance leads to >99% uptime on your cobas 6000 analyzer. This video will walk you through the easy steps needed to perform daily maintenance tasks and prepare your integrated system for daily operation in a 24 hour laboratory. The Daily Maintenance tasks may vary depending on your cobas 6000 analyzer series configuration. The cobas 6000 analyzer series typically requires only 3-5 minutes of daily hands-on and 35 minutes of push button maintenance to ensure high-quality test results and operational reliability. This video is a promotional video. It does not, and is not intended to, provide medical or other health advice or replace the Best Practices – Daily Checklist or the cobas 6000 analyzer series Operator’s Manual. Print the cobas 6000 analyzer series Best Practices - Daily Checklist for detailed instructions on how to perform the daily preparation and maintenance activities at