MagNA Pure 96 System

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Fully automated, high-throughout
nucleic acid purification


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The MagNA Pure 96 System ensures purity, reproducibility, and laboratory efficiency for a successful molecular diagnostic workflow. Process up to 96 samples in less than one hour and increase your laboratory productivity to meet your changing needs.

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MagNA Pure 96 Technical Specifications

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MagNA Pure 96 Technical Specifications

Dimensions 137 cm W x 80 cm D x 100 cm 
53.9" W x 31.5" D x 39.4" H
Weight Approx. 235 kg/518 lbs (instrument)
Pipetting Heads 96 Channel Processing Head with disposable tips 
4 Channel multi-dispensing Reagent Head with steel needles
Thermo Elements 1 Heating Block, 1 Cooling Block
Safety Provisions Drop catcher, UV lamp for decontamination
Power Supply 100 to 125 V (-15%, +10%) 
200 to 240 V (-15%, +10%)
Sample Number 1 to 96 reactions per run
Sample Volumes 50 to 500 μl with 96 reactions per run 
1000 μl with 48 reactions per run
4000 uL with 48 recations per run (plasma)
Run Time Approx. 50 minutes for 200 μl sample volumes 
Approx. 80-90 minutes for 500 μl sample volumes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Control SW Software, including preprogrammed purification protocols