Micral-Test® strip

Quick and secure results of albumin in urine

Micral-Test® strip
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Specific for human albumin

The Micral-Test strip is based on an immuno­logical test principle using gold-labelled monoclonal antibodies with a chromo­-genic color indicator ensuring confidence in results.


Sensitive across the diagnostic range


The cutoff for positive results is 20 mg/L with an excellent sensitivity of 97%. The Micral-Test strip does not show a “hook-­effect” because it uses a chromogenic color reaction instead of an agglutination reaction.1


Fast and easy


After 60 seconds, result is ready for visual reading with a convenient color comparison on the strip box. The Micral-Test strip is easy to handle and improves testing workflow.


Unique design of the Micral-Test strip delivers secure results


  • The Immunological test principle with monoclonal antibodies is highly specific for human albumin
  • The urine sample is absorbed by the test strip and transferred through the following two zones before reaching the detection pad:
    Zone 1 – Conjugate Fleece contains free gold-labelled antibodies
    Zone 2 – Capture Matrix Fleece with fixed human serum albumin (HSA)

Three simple testing steps

Step 1

Dip the test strip into the urine for 5 seconds 

Step 2

Place the strip on a nonabsorbent surface or across the top of the collection cup to allow excess urine to drain, wait for 1 minute

Step 3

Compare the color of the detection pad on the strip with the color scale on the test strip vial

The expected value for normal urine samples

  • The albumin concentration of an average urine specimen should not exceed 15 – 20 mg/L2
  • Clinical diabetic nephropathy is indicated when microalbuminuria (> 20 mg/L) is present in at least two of the three morning urine samples2
  • A normal microalbuminuria value does not rule out renal disease3


Sensitivity across the entire diagnostic range


  • Micral-Test strip measuring range is from 0 up to 100 mg/L
  • Cutoff is 20 mg/L with 97% sensitivity
  • Micral-Test offers early recognition and actionable health information of nephropathy by detection of microalbuminuria
  • A reduction of albumin excretion means reduction of cardiovascular risk and kidney disease. It is the first step to preventing further progression
Micral-Test® strip illustration


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