Reagent specifications

Roche customers have assess to complete reagent specification information in our Technical Documents section. To the right, customers can also download an editable spreadsheet of reagent specifications for all systems.


The data in these spreadsheets are intended only as a guide. The spreadsheets represent the electronic equivalent in content to the current package insert, application sheet or method sheet for the product. Additional information, which may be required, but which resides in application sheets, bulletins, analyzer operator manual, or any other valid labeling source, may not be present. Roche Diagnostics makes no representation or warranty that by complying solely with the information contained in these spreadsheets, a laboratory will be in compliance with all applicable laws or regulations, nor is this guide intended to be used for purposes of ensuring compliance. Compliance with applicable laws or regulations remains solely the responsibility of the individual laboratory.

The updating, review and approval of data for each analyzer test, as well as supplementing them with any other information necessary to perform a valid test, is the responsibility of the laboratory director or his/her designee. It is his/her responsibility to revise the spreadsheet data used in the laboratory when data changes are announced by Roche Diagnostics, or when there is a change in laws, regulations or their interpretations. Roche Diagnostics hereby disclaims all liability for any laboratory's compliance with any laws or regulations.

If you have any questions regarding the content of these documents, please contact your Sales Representative or call Roche Technical Support Center at 1.800.428.2336.