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When a patient presents with
heart failure, will you know EVERY medication they’re taking?

Some biomarkers are affected by certain medications.
For instance, if a patient is taking an ARNI (angiotensin
receptor-neprilysin inhibitor), BNP levels will appear
elevated, potentially leading to erroneous treatment.
Using NT-proBNP, levels of which are not affected
by neprilysin, you can ensure you will have
the most accurate clinical picture to provide the best
patient care.1

NT-proBNP levels are not affected by neprilysin

1. Packer M, et al. Circulation. 2015;131(1):54-61.

NT-proBNP Has the Analytical Advantage Over BNP

NT-proBNP has the analytical advantage over BNP

The longer half-life of NT-proBNP makes it less prone to intra-day variability than BNP.

Greater stability at room temperature enables lab flexibility for outreach and add-on
testing with NT-proBNP.

Analytical Advantages Provide Diagnostic Confidence