Training & support for CoaguChek® users

Training & support for CoaguChek® users

Before you begin

If you are a candidate for PT/INR self-testing but have not yet purchased a CoaguChek® device, talk to your doctor or visit your local CoaguChek website and say yes to the freedom and reassurance of self-testing with CoaguChek.

Getting started

If you have purchased your CoaguChek device and need more information on its use, we offer several helpful resources.

You will find tips and tools designed to make self-testing your PT/INR values even easier, including dietary, fitness and travel advice, patient stories and product handling videos.

Speak with your local support organization. It may be that local training centers have been organized in your area for face to face training. Select your country in the drop down list in the top navigation to be taken to your local CoaguChek website for more information and support.

CoaguChek handling videos

For assistance in using your CoaguChek device, these handling videos will help you to set up your device and take your first measurement.

A handling video to help you set up your CoaguChek XS and begin testing.

External resources

There are many online resources for those interested in anticoagulation monitoring that may be able to answer further questions you have. There are also support groups worldwide for those taking an anticoagulation medication.

Anticoagulation Self-Monitoring  Alliance

International Self-Monitoring Association of oral anticoagulated patients

Information for Patients and Medical Professionals

Multidisciplinary nonprofit organization of health care professionals

Information resources on the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support for patients impacted by stroke

American Heart Association

Society for Training in Anticoagulation Self-Management

The UK Health Forum is an international center for the prevention of non-communicable diseases including coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

The World Heart Federation is dedicated to leading the global fight against cardiovascular disease (CVD) – including heart disease and stroke.

Congenital Heart Defect & Cardiology

Local contact information

Your local Roche organization will provide you with instructions on how to purchase your meter within the local regulations governing medical devices in your country.

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Helpful lifestyle articles

Understanding the impact that diet, exercise and lifestyle can have on your blood's coagulation level, will allow you to make the right choices to maximize your quality of life.

Live well